Clics building toys 

There’s a new type of building/construction toy out. It’s called Clics.  

Clics comes in various model kits and sets, Clics are coloured plastic building blocks that clic together to form hundreds of different models. Here are just some of the kits that can be purchased. 

 Each kit gives the option to make several models and it’s suitable for children aged 6 and upwards.

The clic bricks look like this: 

 Lots of colours and different shape parts. Also include are joining rods and other needed accessories and parts. This big “build and play” bucket contains hundreds of pieces and enough to make ten different models. The clic bricks can be joined together by way of circular joints with a second clic brick being inserted inbetween the joints like this.  

 Instructions come with each kit tho they do seem to be on one sheet rather than a small book and sheets often get lost or ripped. 

Ryan loves things like this and loves making things so was quite happy to get stuck in and demonstrate how it all works. Luckily he has lots of patience to sit and do stuff like this too, unlike me. 

 Yes even the cat seemed interested in this. 

We have four Clics kits to be getting on with which I am sure should keep them busy up until Christmas. 

The kits and buckets come in a range of different themes such as animals, racing, space etc and there are so many to choose from. Size and price vary for different kits and buckets and start from under £5.00 to quite expensive. 

It’s a great new alternative to Lego bricks this Christmas. 

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