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Yes Christmas is well and truly on its way and everywhere we look it’s all about Christmas. If you have children then you will be probably be aware of that disappointing moment when they say “Santa is not real” it’s knowing your baby is growing up and the magic of Xmas is fading. To keep the magic alive there are many things you can do and one of them involves a child receiving a personal letter from Santa. Just like the ones from Official Santa Letters.

These letters can be created in minutes and can bring smiles and magic to a young child. The parent inputs the basic details which includes child’s name, age, sex and location. Then other information such as a present the child really wants and any achievements or something the child has been asked to do. All the information is then included in a very personal letter from Santa himself.

The letter comes in a red envelope with Santa on and the North Pole delivery logo. It’s addressed to the child too so you will have no doubts who the letter is from.  

 There are several colour themes to choose from. I chose pink as it happens to be Izebellas favourite colour. The letter is fairly long, a full page, and encourages Izebella to keep up with her good behaviour. Obviously being just 3 means she can’t read yet but was very excited to receive this letter and has made me read it to her many times. 

Also included in the envelope, was a sticker sheet and a Santa stop door hanger for Christmas Eve. 

 She has already been using the stickers and can’t wait to hang this on her door at Christmas. These are lovely little extras to add to the letter.

The letters start at Β£4.99 and savings can be made on multiple letters for siblings. Letters can be created at the Official Santa website.

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