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Last Christmas I came across the Portable North Pole service which enables parents to create personalised videos and even phone calls from Santa his self. Last year I used the free version which still enables a free video which can then be shared by email or social media to friends and family. The free video message is again available this year tho not quite ready to access yet. 

I was very happy when I was given the chance to have an “Gold Pass” this time round. This gives unlimited access to all the available videos and I can make as many as I wish. It also gives unlimited calls from Santa too.

So I got to work straight away to create a few videos for my girls. Ryan will also get one just so he doesn’t feel left out, but it’s not the same for him as he apparently thinks Santa is not real and has this strange conception that I somehow change into Santa and leave presents. Hmm no idea what makes him think like that! 

The videos last about 5 minutes each and there’s a few choices with each being different thus allowing brothers and sisters to get a different video. The videos are personalised to the child and the first thing is to add names. Now when adding the name you are given options as to how it sounds and how it’s pronounced. Izebella was fine but Jordanna was not. Her name was not in the database and could not be pronounced so I had to use Jordan. This will probably apply to other unusual names but you can use other descriptions such as princess or sweetness. The child’s name will appear on screens and santas books in the video even if old Santa can’t quite pronounce it. 

The other personalisation options include age, location, photographs, names of family, achievements, day to day life, school, presents wanted and good things they have done. The best bit and th suspense at the end of the video is of course if the child is on the nice or naughty list. If the naughty list then Santa may tell them to try harder. 

I access the service via mobile device and the only problem I had was the photograph inclusion. They uploaded fine but I found I had to do a lot of editing as ended up with heads cut off or half a person. Apart from that it’s fine and once all the personalisation is complete it takes about 10 minutes for it all to be made.

The video I made for Izebella can be viewed here and Jordannas is here. As you can see they are really personal and a little magical. It really helps young children get into the Christmas spirit. I would of loved something like this when k was a young child but sadly the technology was non existant back then. Both Izebella and Jordannas faces lit up with their Santa videos and they both kept glued to the screen the whole 5 minutes. The nice or naughty list keeps them in suspense for a while. 

As well as Santa, the videos also feature lots of elves and reindeers and plenty of snow. They really make it feel like Christmas. 

You can even create a birthday message from Santa which is perhaps a little strange. 

You also get to download these little certificates too.  

 Head to Portable North Pole to create magical videos.

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