Our new waterproof shoes from Gore-Tex

A few months ago we were chosen to be Gore-Tex family ambassadors and just after the big  school holidays we were sent our first lot of shoes to test out. Well now that the cold and rather wet weather is kicking in, we have kindly been sent over yet more shoes featuring the rather comfy Gore-Tex material and here they are.  

 Both Ryan and Jordanna received a pair of Adidas Terrex shoes. Both of the shoes come with the new bunjee type lace, which is something I have not come across before. 

   The laces can be a little puzzling if your not used to them as completely different to normal laces. They need no tieing, it’s an adjustable stretchy cord just like a bunjee rope. You loosen it via the black pull thing, put foot in shoe and pull tight. Much easier than laces and no worrying about double knots or the laces coming loose. 

These shoes come complete with the familiar Gore-Tex brand logos and sole and provide lots of comfort compared to other shoes. In my first shoe post back in September j gave a brief description of what Gore-Tex material is, rather than repeating the same text, it’s much easier to take a look at the useful information on the Gore-Tex website. Which gives a much better explanation on the materials and process used. 

 These Adidas Terrex shoes are all fully waterproof, which is very much needed at the moment with all the rain we have been having. The shoes are also very breathable meaning the feet are kept warm and comfortable but do not sweat, hence less smelly shoes for me to deal with.

My kids have been giving their new shoes a good test out, including playing out, school non uniform days, after school activities and a few trips out in the rain and here’s just a few photographs of them wearing the shoes. 


Gore-Tex has a very different feel to normal shoe material and both Ryan and Jordanna once again reported the shoes felt strange at first, but I’m glad to say they found them very comfortable and easy to wear and the shoes kept their feet nice and dry.

Now last but not least is Izebella and I’m doing her shoes separate as they are a different brand. 

 These pretty little boots are from the Viking kids range and again waterproof and insulated to keep little feet nice and dry.  


I do find buying shoes for Izebella quite difficult as she falls between a 7.5 ans size 8 and whilst one smaller brand shoe may fit, another won’t or be too large etc as her feet seem quite narrow too. These seem to fit quite snuggly with plenty of room left. 


Izebella was unwell for 2 weeks recently so has not been out as much as brother and sister in her new shoes, but she really likes them and more than happy to have them on.


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