Paw Patrol Quizzy


Izebella received the Paw Patrol Quizzy game from Clementoni. It’s for the age group 3-6 years and she is of course a big fan of the to series Paw patrol.

The game consists of these cards which are double sided and quite colourful with activities. 

 Also the interactive red pen which is used on the cards. 

 The instructions need keeping safe as it can be difficult to play without them. Each card is a new activity and it can be hard to know what to do (even for adults) without referring to the instructions. The activities include colour matching, details, left and right, next to and more. There are 24 activities in total and each card has a number so when we choose a card we refer to instructions to see what to do. There are images on top of the cards but again it’s not always clear.

The answers to each activity are all of the card. There are wrong answers too. The player uses the pen on the black dots next to each possible answer and if correct the pen beeps and lights up.  

 Nothing happens for a wrong answer.

It can be a little temperamental, the cards need placing on a firm solid surface for best use, carpets don’t make it work good as too soft. The cards are only made of paper too so can easily be damaged. For younger children who can’t read, the cards need a lot of explanation on what to do and what to find.

This game costs Β£10.00 which is perhaps a reasonable price for it and it does have some educational benefits despite its few flaws. The cards are bright and colourful and full of Paw patrol characters, as well as colours, shapes, numbers and more. 

It is made by Clementoni and can be purchased from Argos.

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