EnviroTrend is leading the fight against damaging plastic bags with a fashionable and affordable range of eco-friendly designer shopping bags, rucksacks and rain coats.Everything they sell is eco friendly as well as fun and waterproof. Each product is also extremely compact and folds down into a very small travel sized pocket.  

 This here is actually a fold away coat in Jordannas size. This is pink but there are other colours and sizes available. The raincoat pulls out of the pocket and at first it does feel very tightly compacted and I was worried I may damage it by pulling too hard but it was fine. 

   It does look quite creased when it all folds out but once on you can’t really notice the creases much. The coat is fully waterproof and so perfect for the current season and has a hood and popper fasteners which seem to keep the hood up even in a gale.  

 Now even more worrying for me was the thought of attempting to fold the coat back up into the pouch. This is done by turning the pocket inside out and stuffing the coat back in and yippee it worked on first attempt. 

 These  Splash it to me raincoats start at £16.00 and perfect for the ever changing and rather strange British weather where one minute it’s raining and next it’s sunny and no one wants to lug around a heavy coat. Also good for camping and festivals.

Next the Sak it to me bags which could not have come at a better time, given all the hype around the 5p shopping bag charge and bag waste. Again they start off as a small pouch like this. 

 And easily open out into one of these. 

 They are much stronger than they look and do hold quite a few bits. They have more uses than just shopping too, it’s really a bag for anywhere such as gym, beach, library and all come with funky patterns. Unlike plastic bags this one can be used over and over again and when folded into the pocket it can be put in my normal handbag so I never forget it. The bags hold up to 15kg and start from £6.00.

Check out the other products at Envirotrend


  1. November 15, 2015 / 19:26

    I can’t believe how small that coat folds up. What a good idea. I got a similar bag last year in Germany. It’s been great and like you say. Good in the handbag. Love bec xx

    • November 15, 2015 / 19:46

      Yes it’s very small tho my daughter gets lazy with it and doesn’t bother folding it. The bag is great too been using it lots for shopping and when shopping done I just fold it n throw in my handbag

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