Degustabox October 

I’m starting the wet week off with one of my favourite subscription boxes which is of course Degustabox. Octobers box contained many snack items which is something I’m always happy about, nothing beats lots of little snacks to munch on every now and again.  

 October product of the month is the 9Bar pack. These are healthy bars with natural ingredients and also give an energy boost. There are 5 bars per pack for £2.49. 

Next to the 9Bar in the picture are The Snack Organisation rice crackers in Sweet chilli flavour. These come in two other varieties too and really nice. £1.00 per pack.  

 And again from The Snack Organisation, is freeze dried fruit packs and again they come in 3 varieties and just like crisps but fruit. £1.00 per bag. 

Chip Strips are a brand new product. There were 2 packs in the October box. They come as very long crisp strips which can then be snapped into individual squares. £2.00 each. 

Two drink varieties this month, a French lemonade type drink from company Lorina. £1.49. Kids carton drinks from Appy Drinks. 

Liberation Foods provided some small nut snack packs which come in many varieties at £2.00 a pack. And a box of gluten free cereal from Provena at a rather pricy £3.79. 

The savoury/food cupboard items last month came from Kabuto in the form of a snack pot noodle dish which costs £1.99 and two products from Italian company Ciro – chopped tomatoes and passata which cost £2.25. 

Those tomatoes were very tasty compared to the usual stores own brands. 

Finally not in the box itself but a voucher to buy it is President unsalted butter £2.00. Which is perfect for baking with.  

Lovely box once again and the monthly boxes can be yours too for just £12.99 a month which includes delivery. As always here are all the Degustabox links. – website – Facebook – twitter

Can’t wait for my next one.

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