McCain teatime takeover 

We were asked by McCain to take part in an Autumn family challenge. The challenge involves kids taking over in the kitchen one night per week (Thursday). Mum and kids get to swap roles for the next few weeks and we were sent a box full of kitchen goodies to help along with a voucher. 

What you see here is Ryan trying on his new chef hat and apron. He’s holding the recipe book/ kitchen organiser which is pretty useful with space to write our own recipes, menus and some useful kitchen info. We also now have a new chopping board, spatula, oven tray and a few new tea towels. 

Ryan seems to enjoy cooking and often likes to help out in the kitchen. I was hoping Jordanna may want to help too but she seems to be going through a “lazy, can’t be bothered” stage so it was all left to chef Ryan.

Ryan is a very fussy eater. A suggested recipe was included but it was fish and Ryan won’t touch fish. Pizza, McCain fries and garlic bread it was.  

I would not call it a role swap as I certainly did not get to sit and relax. He’s only 11 so still needs supervising around a hot oven and more so with a pizza slicer but he did the majority his self.  

I think he would suit being a chef as the whole chef outfit makes him look very smart.  

I think he did very well making this tea for himself and his sisters by his self. I’m not a pizza lover so I settled for a sandwich. If he decides he wants to cook again next week then I will post more pictures.

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