Three little pigs: Top notch chorizo 

When thinking of chorizo you probably think straight away of Spain, this particular chorizo happens to be a little closer to home and a little northwards from sunny Bolton in Yorkshire. 

Yorkshire is no stranger to bold, robust flavours: home of the UK’s rhubarb triangle, Wensleydale cheese, the original ginger beer and the timeless Pontefract cake. And yet it was probably in 2009 that Yorkshire put its best foot forward with the arrival of three little pigs chorizo, a culinary masterstroke from the Clarkson family of Kiplingcotes Farm.

Despite being worldly wise, 5th generation farmers, it was the arrival of an unexpected wedding present in the guise of a rare breed sow (Berkshire pig) that first alerted Charlotte & Jon to the exciting potential of producing top-notch cured meats with a ‘Yorkshire twist.’
According to co-founder Charlotte, the Berkshire’s superior taste arises from the fact that free-range, rare breed pigs take an extra four months to reach full maturity. Throw in the fact that the Clarkson pigs consume no GM feed, quaff mineral water from the farm’s onsite well and fill their nostrils with only the finest Yorkshire air and you begin to get a real sense of what makes three little pigs so special.
And that’s the story of this rare breed chorizo, of which I received a nice sized sample to try got myself.  

Chorizo isn’t really something I’m familiar cooking with, but after scouring the web for ideas I finally settled on making a chorizo and onion omelette and here is how I did it.


6 eggs, chorizo, 2 medium onions, mixed peppers, mixed spices, pepper, chopped garlic. 


Chop and fry the chorizo, add onions, garlic, pepper, fry together for 10 minutes. 

 Meanwhile beat the 6 eggs together, add spices and salt, pepper. 

 Pour egg mixture over chorizo and other ingredients, leave for approximately 6-8 minutes. If mixture is still runny then bake in oven for 2-3 minutes.

And in 15 minutes or so it was done. 

The chorizo has a very rich and slightly spicy flavour. It’s not over spiced so it burns the mouth but certainly has a kick to it. It’s also very filling and especially so with the other ingredients in this recipe. 

The chorizo comes with an outer skin which needs peeling off and can be a little tricky.

  • Recommended retail price £6.99- £7.99

  • Now available online via AGA Foodhalls and The Courtyard Dairy

  • Available Wholefoods, Partridges, Selfridges and the Co-op

More information at Three little pigs

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