Best Friends Style Lab

This is the “Best friends style lab” from Interplay UK, Its a fabulous little set designed with girls and friends in mind and seems perfect for sleepovers.

I was quite impressed with it and the amount of contents inside. The Style lab is for ages 8 and over although Izebella could not resist but want to try something too.

It’s all about colour and looking glam, hair colours, nail colour, files and glitter tattoos, all of which come included in the box. Just look at how much is inside.

Jordanna  loves this sort of thing. She is always asking for things like make up and nail polish and she loves this set.

Inside the box are 50 stencils, cosmetic glitters, glue, brushes, hairlights, clips, gloves, nail varnishes, sprinkles and emery boards. 

For the glitter tattoos there are 50 stencils to choose from. The tattoos are very easy to do as I found from having the first practice on Jordanna and her friend. Apply the stencil, apply glue, apply glitter and remove the stencil.  

Jordanna and friends did go a little crazy with these tattoos and put them everywhere including one on her cheek which she had to instantly wash off due to school the next day. The glitter and glue wash or wipe off with a baby wipe very easily.

The nail varnishes are all solvent free and seem to be more water based as it washes off with water but still quite thick like a varnish would be. The instructions give a useful guide on kids nail art and there are nail sprinkles to add too.

Then finally the hairlights which come as circular coloured chalk which again wash out easily.

 With these Jordanna can just choose a colour and rub it into her hair to add a bit of funkiness.  

And no she has not brushed her hair on this. Nothing new there.

Full instructions come with this set and it costs just Β£19.99 which I would definitely pay if I was to purchase this as a present. Interplay also sell individual “hairlights” and “Glitter tattoo” sets which contain the same products (but more) which are in the Style Lab.

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  1. November 4, 2015 / 12:44

    This looks like such a cool kit for girls…..My two would love it. It might be something to add to the Christmas list x

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