Cool Create Disney Princess shaker maker

My girls were sent over another shaker maker from the Cool Create range of toys at Flair. This time it’s all about Disney Princesses. 

 The box does not contain the plaques which appear on the front of the box, unfortunately we have to make these ourselves. This is what is inside the box. 

 There isn’t much really. A shaker maker, moulds and plaster of Paris, yes that means mess. 

To make the Disney Princess moulds we have to put one of the plastic moulds inside the shaker maker and then fill this with the plaster and water. It all needs to be done very quickly or the plaster may set wrong. The purpose of the shaker maker unit is to vigorously shake the plaster and water mixture up and down until all mixed together and then leave it to set. The setting takes 90 minutes as it needs go really hard like stone. There are 2 princess moulds to make and only one shaker maker so it does mean doing them individually and both take a while. 

The plaster can be messy it’s powder to begin with and can get all over. Also be careful not to pour any excess mixture down the sink as it’s very hard to remove and can clog pipes.

Once set the finished moulds should look a little like these.  

 Making the plaster moulds is easy but is probably best done by an adult with children maybe helping with the shaking. It is messy and gets everywhere and also starts to set quickly. Also if not mixed or poured correctly, the finished moulds can crack.Therefore I created the moulds for them with Jordanna assisting. 

I also found some paints inside the box too which I had not previously spotted so if you buy this kit make sure you look through the box as they were taped to the back of a cardboard insert and easily missed. 
 The two completed plaster moulds are, I’m told Rapunzel and Cinderella. Unfortunately Izebella has been very unwell with Scarlett fever all half term. This would of been the perfect time to paint the moulds so sadly she just wasn’t up to painting. Jordanna has also been slightly unwell too. Hopefully we will all get time to paint them this week and I’ll get to add the finished pictures.

This is one of the pictures on the box which shows what the finished princess moulds can look like once painted. 

 They are quite pretty tho I’m doubting ours will look like that.

This kit is aimed at children 5 and over but I would highly suggest that 5 year olds do not do the plaster part. More info can be found at the Flair website and the shaker maker kit can be found at most toy shops and on Amazon for Β£9.99.

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