Happy Halloween, Boo for You at Southport Pleasureland

Happy Halloween is back at Southport this week throughout half term. If you have not been to one of the Happy Halloween events then it’s where Pleasureland turns into scary land with hundreds of pumpkins and scary things everywhere. 

Yesterday we went. The park opens at 11am and we were first there. This year it’s free admission and the rides are paid for via fun cards which are a bit like visitor passes that you hang around neck. These fun cards can be topped up with any amount. Most rides need 2-3 tokens and the fun card top up can be used on stalls too such as hook a duck.

Pleasureland has many rides for all ages to keep family’s entertained for a few hours.

There’s even water zorbs and trampolines too. 

During our visit. Several free shows were put on too, these were free and I was glad to sit down for a bit and get out of the cold. The first was a magic show with magician Russ Brown. Now all magicians need assistants and guess who got on stage yet again? Yes Jordanna who took part in a table balancing act. 

The second show combined Elsa, Anna, a tiger and wicked witch. 

There was a firework display later on from 6.30pm but sadly Izebella was feeling unwell so we had to go. However there will be another firework display for bonfire night on November 6th and again free entry.

We had a good day despite Izebella being poorly. The rain stayed away and we had hot dogs and chips at the park for lunch for less than Β£10.

Visit the Pleasureland Website to plan your visit.

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