Shopkins Cool Cardz 

  It’s half term and bored kiddies. We have been sent more lovely kits from  Flair Cool Create range and the Shopkins cool Cardz is one of them.

Jordanna is the age group which the cool Cardz are aimed at and she has had them before, tho not shopkins and a long time ago. 

 I was happy to find that the main unit, known as the design studio was already assembled, so no snapping in awkward parts. As well as the pink design studio, the kit comes with the design cards and laminating wallets, one pen and some small stampers wgich are not the best.

It’s really straightforward, even Izebella can make them. First design the cards with stickers and txts, then laminate and done. 

 The laminating is done by sliding the roller up and down over the card. Sometimes the laminate stays partially stuck to its backing tho so it needs manually pulling over.

These are some of the end results. 

It needs no batteries which is a good thing but the cards and laminate sheets quickly run out, especially so with 3 kids. Replacement packs can be purchased which seem to contain much more than comes with the kit.

This also seems to be aimed towards girls yet Ryan has just as much fun making cards as his sisters. 

When the activity is over, the design studio folds up as a small carry case and fits all the cards and accessories inside, meaning no need to keep the bulkier box. 

I have spotted the Shopkins cool Cardz on Amazon for £17.99 here

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