Fun from Paul Lamond toys

We were really excited to be reviewing yet more toys from Paul Lamond.

Izebella was very happy to get this big Thomas activity tablecloth. 

 It’s double sided and has lots of Thomas images and puzzles to be coloured in.  


It’s made of cloth just like a real tablecloth. Five felt pens are also included but any others can be used 
 Once all coloured in, it can be washed in a the washing machine and start all over again. 

This is available to buy Here for Β£22.
For Ryan and Jordanna a fun kids trivia game. 
 Kids trivia plus is a fun yet quick game and comes neatly packaged in a handy travel tin. It’s a simple game consisting of a small board game, cards, playing pieces and a dice with numbers 1-3. 
 Players take turns rolling the dice. The squares they land on represent a category on the card. The categories are “Telling tales” which requires the player to explain something. “School” which is trivia and comes with an answer. “Riddles” I found these difficult and “Today’s Trivia” which asks questions about other players or the world.

If players answer correctly then they get to move more spaces and the winner is the one to finish first.

This game costs Β£13.00 and makes a great family game.

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