Imaginary Fred: a book like no other!

  Publishing in September 2015, Imaginary Fred an extraordinary collaboration between Irish Children’s Laureate, Eoin Colfer, and picture book superstar, Oliver Jeffers.Sometimes, with a little electricity, or luck, or even magic, an imaginary friend might appear when you need one. An imaginary friend like Fred…

Fred floated like a feather in the wind until a lonely little boy wished for him and found a friendship like no other.

The perfect chemistry between Eoin Colfer’s text and Oliver Jeffer’s artwork make for a dazzlingly original colour gift book.

My children have been sent this lovely book. I would say it’s more suitable for Jordannas age being 8 and perhaps a little too young for Ryan being 11. 

The story starts with boredom and loneliness of a boy called Sam. Sam dreams of the perfect friend and Fred, being an imaginary friend also dreams of a friend like Sam. Eventually they find eachother and become friends. This is what Fred looks like. 

It turns out later on that Sam is not the only one with an imaginary friend but Sams female friend Sammi also has an imaginary friend called Freida 

It’s quite a cute little story of 4 friends together even tho 2 of them are imaginary. Many young children go through stages of having imaginary friends too, tho I have not experienced this with any of my children so far.

The books images are mainly in black and white comic book style throughout with both imaginary friends adding the small bit of colour in yellow and blue. It’s an easy read story which younger readers will also enjoy. 

Harper Collins are the book publishers and author/illustrator Eoin Colfer and Oliver Jeffers. Here is a short video about this book.

Imaginary Fred comes as a hardcover edition and is available in most good bookshops as well as over on Amazon for £9.09.

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