Mini Manicures

When I was 3, I remember being into dolls and toys but my little Diva of today seems fascinated by make up and nail polish. Unfortunately ordinary nail polishes are full of chemicals, have a very strong smell and need chemicals to remove it. This is where the guys over at Westbourne Groves Tippy Toes kids boutique come in. They have recently bought out Nailmatic nail varnish, which is designed with children in mind. 

The varnishes, in 7 shades are all water based and non toxic. There is no off putting smell and it can be removed with just soap and water. Our two colours are baby pink and clear glitter and my girls were more than ready to test them out. 

 They look just like “mums” bottle of nail polish. Similar size bottle and same type of application brush.  

 The consistency of the nail polish is a bit thinner than normal polish but seems to last longer. With one dip of the brush I was able to do all Izebellas nails without re dipping.  

 As its water based and thinner, it does seem easier to make mistakes but it’s easily corrected and can even be wiped off using just a baby wipe. It seems perfect for little princesses and especially with some schools not allowing it.

Now for the price. These come as single bottles in little gift boxes at £8 each, or £21 for a 3 pack and £40 for a pack of 7 which would be perfect for sisters. Visit the store to find out more.

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