Halloween at Asda

Asda shelves are bursting with some very sinister and spooky Halloween goodies. There’s outfits, spooky food and lots of props and decorations like this assortment here.  

 This is just a small selection of what’s on offer this Halloween at Asda. The best bit being that all of these items are very inexpensive too meaning Halloween does not need to cost the Earth.

Props to hold such as big axes, fairy wands and ghoulish hands to collect sweets all add to the spooky effects of outfits.  


This year Ryan is wearing the Scream outfit, for which the toy axe will go quite well with. 

Jordanna has a fancy witch outfit and will be wearing this Monstrous witch kids mask. 

 And Izebella has a cat dress and will be wearing her new cute monster type pink hood. 

To decorate our home on Halloween we have these ghastly hanging decorations.  

The big devilish thing hangs on the door and costs Β£1.00.The glitter bird beasts come as a 5 pack again for just Β£1.00. The white skull plaque has a strange error appeal to it and big shiny beads  for eyes which shimmer in the dark. 

Finally if you find yourself battling with a pumpkin and a whole load of messy pulp and unable to carve a real face, then fear not because this year I will be using this instead.  

It’s a battery operated pumpkin lantern and when switched on it changes colours and illuminates the ghostly images on its front.   

It certainly beats carving one. 

All of these frightening gadgets and bits can of course be used over and over again for future Halloween celebrations. A bit like Christmas really, once used, put them in a box and in the loft for the next year. At these low prices they are certainly worth the purchase and will keep my kids happy for the night. 

All of the above items can be found in Asda stores and Asda online.


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