Degustabox September reveal

My September Degustabox was especially good as it seemed to contain lots of sweet goodies this time. 

Izebella seemed very impressed with the two Up & Go breakfast drinks which she quickly helped herself to. These come packed with the same fibre, protein and calcium which is found in a bowl of cereal and milk and come in both chocolate and vanilla flavours. £1.39 each. 

Reece’s is a firm chocolate brand of mine so I was delighted to find packs of the Smooth Peanut butter cups inside at 85p per packet. These are full of sweet peanut butter surrounded by thick yummy chocolate. 

Mallow Marsh at £2.00 per box contain 3 gooey sweet fruity marshmallows in raspberry flavour. They taste great and melt in mouth, just a shame there aren’t more of them.  


Continuing with yet more sweet goodies. Bags of sweets from both Maynards and Bassetts. Maynards being blackcurrant and strawberry wine gums in 164g bag at £1.50. 

 Bassetts jelly baby mix in 190g bag with lots of berry varieties and also £1.50 per bag. 

Again sweet but in a different way, and probably best kept from children are these Complete Energy Bites.  

This is probably one of the strangest items I have come across. I was expecting energy bars but instead these are small square chocolate coated bites. They look a little like a pack of big tablets and they are full of caffeine. They do have the slight coffee taste but nothing as bad as coffee chocolates found in famous tins. They are fairly soft and easy to chew. They don’t give you a high or a sudden energy burst but I did mistakenly eat one before going to bed one night and found it very hard to sleep. These cost £4.49 per pack and even come with a high caffeine warning.

So as you can see, the box was packed with sweet stuff for me and my kids, not that we are complaining. Also a few sweetish drinks including Good Cider £1.50 a bottle. I’m not a cider drinker, even if it is the fruit variety but a friend of mine enjoyed them.

On the end is also a bottle of Sweet Sally Tea. Again cold teas aren’t for me but that’s the good thing about Degustabox. If I don’t particularly like something I can pass it on. This spicy tea drink is a bit pricy I think at £2.50 a bottle. 

As always with Degustabox it’s a mixture of sweet stuff, drinks and savoury/cupboard items. This months box came with 2 cupboard items. Th first being a brand I have tried previously being Kents Kitchen and their Posh noodles which come in several international varieties such as this Spicy Szechaun.  

Like most snack pots they just need hot water adding and make a tasty simple snack. Cheap too at Â£1.85 pr pot.

Finally and a much needed cupboard essential is a large bottle of Extra Virgin Oliive Oil from The Olive Shop. I had actually ran out of oil the day before my Degustabox showed up so this one really came at the right time. I stay away fot deep fat friers but we do have an air fryer which uses very little oil so I’m sure this big bottle will last a long time. Only problem being its too big for my cupboard shelves so it stays on top of my microwave.  

Reader Discount Code

Degustabox is normally £12. 99 per month but by using the special code you can get a massive £6.00 off your box. Meaning it’s almost half price. Use code BLDEG15 at checkout and this price also includes courier delivery. No extra charges for a monthly box full of surprise food and drink goodies. 

You can sign up for Degustabox UK with the above discount code here and also find Degustabox on your social media channels – both Facebook and Twitter.

Not every box comes with alcohol and contents change each month. Contents are a total surprise. 

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