Hello World book review

This delightful little book comes straight from the Geko Press and is write by Paul Beavis. His previous work was Mrs Mo’s Monster and this second book features the same loveable monster.  

The monster wants to see the world but his owner Mrs Mo is busy painting and so monster goes alone. 

Monster packs a bag and off he goes exploring but he soon becomes lost and is quickly saved by Mrs Mo who then joins him on his adventures. 

This story is aimed at youngsters between 4-6 years. None of my children really fall into that age bracket but Izebella (almost 3) seemed to enjoy the story. She does get quite scared about anything to do with monsters but I think this book has helped her a little to think that not all monsters in stories are big and scary. 

The story features adventure and friendship and lots of easy read colourful pages. 

The RRP for this book is £10.99, I have found it over on AMAZON from £5.03.  

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