The Fairytale hairdresser and the Sugar Plum Fairy

Izebella has received her new Fairytale Hairdresser book and I am actually finding it difficult to get it back off her, even for a quick photo.  

The sugar plum fairy is the latest addition to the fairytale hairdresser books which are wrote by author Abie Longstaff. Each one tells of the adventures of Kittie Lacey who is the best hairdresser and her many adventures with some well known characters. 


The books come beautifully illustrated and each page is full of colour with many characters and destinations to be found. The illustrations are by Lauren Beard. 

 The fairytale hairdresser books seem perfect for early readers, and those who can’t yet read will have lots of fun looking at the many pictures. This new sugar plum fairy story has a slight Christmas theme to it too, with red ribbon, candy canes and lots of tree images. The story also includes old classic characters such as the nutcracker and the mouse King. A great story and especially so for little ladies. 

This book is currently available on AMAZON  at the reduced price of Β£5.24.

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