Free from lunch boxes at Holland & Barrett

Just before the new school year began we were sent some new lunch box products from Holland & Barrett. The new range of products includes alternative lunch ideas aimed at breaking the cycle of serving up the same thing every day.

I’m lucky that none of my children suffer from any sort of food allergies or intolerances, but facts show that 1 in 12 children in the UK do. Finding something suitable for a child with food allergies can be difficult but Holland & Barrett is now stocking over 1000 free from food products all available for home delivery. 

These are the rather cool lunch boxes we got sent, and inside all these products.  

  For sandwiches are some packs of Glutafin fibre rolls which come in packs of 4 (Β£3.45). With the rolls was a jar of Meridian organic fruit spread (Β£2.59). So I made a selection of both ham and jam rolls.  

 Which seemed to go down quite well with Izebella.  

After the rolls it was time for some other free from snacks which included Mrs Crimbles cheese bites (Β£0.89), Nakd bars (Β£0.99), Redwood no dairy yoghurts (Β£0.79) and Clearspring fruit juice (Β£0.89). My children enjoyed all the lunch box products. I do think the bread rolls are a little over priced tho and as my kids don’t have allergies, luckily these are not something I would need to buy. However being gluten, wheat and lactose free I could not taste much difference compared to similar bread rolls.

Visit the Holland & Barrett website or pop into a store for more information on the free from food range.

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