Revell Build & Play

Jusr in time for Autumn, Revell have launched a new concept in model building aimed at younger children called “Build and Play” 

 These kits are aimed at children ages 6 and over and come as several car models such as this Ford Mustang which Ryan now owns.

Build & Play kits are classed as skill level one and are designed to be an easy introduction for youngsters into the world of modelling. The next level up being aimed at 8 year olds (Easy kits) and then 10 year olds (model kits)with each level increasing in difficulty and number of parts. There are 3 skill levels of model kits in total.

Ryan’s build & play Mustang kit contained just 12 pieces.  

The box suggests it should take children aged 6+ between 15-30 minutes to complete. Ryan is 11 now so he was able to complete it in much less time (approx 7 minutes).

And the end result looks like this:  

The finished car can then be played with to help with imaginative play or can just be proudly displayed on a bedroom unit. I think Ryan is more than ready for the next level up. I did ask Jordanna if she wanted to have a go at building the model too but cars just aren’t her thing. 

Revell Build & Play is available from all good toy and model retailers. For details visit

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