Warburtons Shapes

As the new school year fast approaches, it will soon be time to decide what goes in your child’s lunch box. My children have school meals so for me this isn’t an issue. However my children do love their sandwiches and especially good old Warburtons bread. The people over at Warburtons have recently come up with a brand new bread product aimed at children in the form of some rather fun shapes.  

They come as both van and cat face shapes and are already pre sliced into two halves ready for filling.  

They seem to be the perfect size for little ones to hold in two hands and are quite thin compared to usual bulky bread. Most children will easily be tempted by sandwiches with fun shapes such as these.

Our first shaped sandwiches were bacon butties which we all love.  

They are of course much smaller than a usual Warburtons bread loaf so the bacon had to be trimmed and squashed to fit. Tomato sauce was also added and the sandwiches remained in one piece without falling apart. Of course they went down really well with both a van and cat each.  


And I didn’t get a single one either. 

These Warburtons shapes come in packs of six each and should be available in most supermarkets.  

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