Cool Create Frozen #2 – Fun tiles Jewellery box 

Today I am continuing with the 2nd product we were sent from the Frozen craft range at Flair PLC. This time it’s a rather pretty Jewellery box.

The Jeweellety box comes ready assembled and is made from sturdy board. It has 3 pull out drawers to keep lots of jewellery and scenes of Anna and Elsa all around it.  

On the outside of the box are tiny squares with letters and the letters match a tiny coloured tile or shiny gem to stick on (a little like those sticker collage books). The tiles are really small and it can be tricky to put them on the square neatly, but when your two years old and desperate to join in; I guess you don’t always care if they go in the correct place or not. 


  The tiles do need sticking all around the box and there are lots of them so it is time consuming but does leave Jordanna with a pretty box to keep her things.

This set also comes with shrink (bake) charms. We have had sets of these charms before tho not Frozen, so was familiar as to what they were. They look like soft plastic flexible shapes to begin with which need colouring in with pencil crayons only (supplied), just like this.  

The reason they are on baking foil is because they need baking for 2/3 minutes to turn them into these.  

  They have now shrunk and hardened into mini charms. Once made they can be attached to bracelets or keyrings, rings or chains using the included attachments and jewellery pieces,  

Giving Jordanna more jewellery to put in her new box. 

A lovely set with many things to do for young creative Frozen fans. 

Buy from Amazon and most good toy stores.  

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