Cool Create Frozen #1 – Shaker Maker

My 2 girls have an obsession with Frozen and anything to do with the movie. I cannot even start to count how many toys and dolls they have of Elsa and Anna as well as the DVD and the cd soundtrack. So yes you can imagine their sheer delight when yet more Frozen products arrived – and Mums sheer horror realising they were all craft items that I had to help make and build! Well okay it’s not so bad and they are fairly easy. It’s a good job Jordanna and her friends are slight better at the whole create and craft thing than me.

We received 3 products in total which are all part of the Cool Create range from Flair PLC. I thought it would be easier to put up individual posts as we go along rather than trying to fit all 3 activities into one post. First up today is the  Frozen Shaker Maker and no it has nothing to do with milkshake which is what I originally thought it may be.  

It is instead all about making and painting Frozen figures using plaster of Paris. If I’m being honest, this one was a little bit of a nightmare in more ways than one but we managed make one in the end. 

It’s a simple enough kit, with a round shaker, Elsa and Anna moulds and the dreaded plaster mix.  

You attach the shaker together and insert the Frozen moulds one at a time, that’s the easy not. Then comes time to make the plaster. This stuff gets everywhere, the shaker gets filled to a point with hot water and a bag of plaster added. Then you have to shake the shaker and the plaster is meant to become thicker and set into the mould. Unfortunately it just was not happening, it seemed to watery despite following instructions. What I then had to do to avoid wasting a bag of plaster was to open the other bag and manually mix the whole lot together in another bowl until thick and use a spoon and knife to pour the plaster into the moulds without using the shaker. 

It was all I could do to not waste the stuff. They then need an hour to set. My next nightmare was mistakenly pouring unused mixture down the sink. The stuff dried hard on the sink base and around plug hole and took forever to scrape off. Then one of the moulds cracked when trying to remove it, it was stil usable tho and we did get a full mould out of it too which Jordanna painted and put on the little frame that was included. 

The shaker maker part didn’t really get much use as did not work so well for us. It is of course reusable but I can’t see plaster making an appearance back in our house any time soon.

I’m not sure if I did anything wrong to the mixture or to make it crack but this is not a set which I would choose to go and buy unfortunately as it just didn’t work for us. If your more creative it may work for you,

I have spotted this kit for £10 on Amazon and it should also be available in most good toy stores.  

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  1. August 25, 2015 / 19:26

    Ohh that looks like something my girl would love. She adores anything Frozen! Something else to add to her Christmas list x

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