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I have something to tell you all and not sure if you are going to like it, but.. It’s only 133 days until Christmas!! Oops.. Did I really say that word in the middle of Summer?

Well I know there is one present that my little (almost 3 year old) would of loved for either Christmas or her birthday and that is one of these Bright eyes pets from Character Options. It just so happens, Izebella already has one – a cute cat named Rosie, but there are 3 others to collect too.  

These are cuddly friends suitable for both day and night time. Soft bodied and come with batteries already installed. (Always a bonus)  

In the box it’s set to the “try me” mode which works like a demo. It also has an off mode which is extremely useful for parents and of course the “full” play mode.  

It makes a lot of cat sounds amongst other strange but cute or sometimes annoying sounds and the best bit being that it’s eyes glow up, hence the name “Bright eyes” . The pets will often fall asleep, especially so when not played with for some time. It can be woke up with a pat on the head and put back to sleep with a stroke to the back. It can take a few tries to get it to do what we want tho.  

At night the eye glow is much more effective and it can work as a night light too, as well as a cuddly night time companion.



Izebella seems to like it and even tells it to “shut up” if the cat noises annoy her too much. Very funny girl.

The other pets to collect are Twinkle the dog, Tiny the elephant and Breeze the owl. They cost £19.99 each and suitable for children aged 2 and over. Would make lovely gift friends for toddlers.


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