Marley Spoon subscription box

Marley Spoon brings boxes full of fresh ingredients and top recipes to your door on a weekly basis. 

The recipes are created by top chefs, the freshest ingredients then sourced and carefully packed and courier delivered to any address.

The weekly plans can be customised to serve between 2-8 people per meal and up to 3 meals. Prices vary depending upon these choices.

I was offered a box to review which came with a rather Summery barbecue theme, although certainly a little different to the usual sausage and burgers. I was able to choose 2 recipes and went for sticky honey & ginger chicken with chickpea salad and also BBQ burger with chilli wedges.

I was even given a choice of dates to have my food delivered. The items all arrived in a rather large box. The ingredients in the box were really well organised, rather than everything being thrown in anywhere it was all arranged in separate bags per meal. 

The fresh meat ingredients were placed with ice bags to stay fresh and everything else inside the 2 brown bags. Inside each bag are all the ingredients required to make each dish and three include lots of fresh vegetables, tinned goods plus sauces, herbs and seasoning which come wrapped in smaller bags. 

The recipe cards provide easy step by step instructions along with clear photographs, cooking times and calorie information.  

I was really looking forward to the sticky chicken dish and found it very easy to make. I did need to chop and prepare some salad as well as cook some chicken in a marinade but found it quite easy.     

And of course the end dish was very much worth it. Me and Jordanna happily sharesd the 2 portion dish between us. 

Next came the burger and wedges which was again pretty straightforward. 


Both of my recipes contained enough for 2 people, and as my kids don’t eat that much it also meant they was able to have some too.

I have enjoyed cooking with Marley Spoon. The recipes are easy and delicious and it certainly beats getting a take away.

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