School uniform cost, OMG

I love my kids to bits and yes some would say they are spoilt. I buy them a lot and of course blogging has its perks with toys and things we try. 

However one thing has surprised me, even shocked me and that is the cost of my sons high school uniform, which I have to say is beyond a joke. I have no issues with naming the high school he is going, it’s Harper Green in Bolton. We chose this school as it’s very close to us – within 5 minute walk. It’s also where many of his friends and neighbours go and after an open night we decided it more than suited all his needs. It is also an easy school to get in, no church going required.

He got his place no problem but then came the uniform. I was thinking perhaps Β£80-Β£100. Nod being a single mum of three through no fault of my own can be a struggle but saving that amount is not too difficult. 

How wrong was I?? 

Almost every part of his uniform except the white shirts needs the dann school logo on. If they wear anything else they are put in isolation. 

The trousers are Β£15 each and he needs 3 pairs to last the year. (Β£45)

Shirts – I got 5 for Β£20

P.E kit. This is where it gets ridiculous – 2 pairs of shorts (1 black and 1 white) 1 p.e top with school logo, 1 football top (Β£15 each) 2 lots of sports socks. Total cost Β£40+

Then the Brand new blazer – Β£33

Oh and a tie – Β£4

This doesn’t include the shoes nor the trainers for P.E and ok they don’t need to be named I know, but how many of you would send your kids to school in a rubbish pair of shoes? He asked for kickers which the majority of kids wear   (Β£65) and Nike trainers for P.E which should last at Β£40.

Next comes stationary, bags, folders and other bits. So another Β£40 on top.

And the total – Β£291 give or take a few quid.

Sorry but am I the only one who feels I should have mug wrote across my head. How the hell can they get away with these prices for a child starting school. A compulsary school with compulsary uniform. If the schools and government insist they wear it then surely they should pay for it.

I will add that Bolton council kindly gives low income families Β£30 for all year 7 towards uniform. Thanks but that doesn’t even cover the blazer cost.

Rant over from a now penniless mummy. 


  1. August 5, 2015 / 21:07

    Bliddy nora….Trousers with logos on! Wow! I haven’t heard of that before. Those prices are crazy!! What happens if you just don’t have that sort of money! Eek!

    • August 5, 2015 / 21:15

      Then the kids go in isolation until they can n parents have to lend or get loans, not good

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