Crystal Zelfs


Yes it’s those troll like creatures known as Zelfs once again. These special (and very collectable) Crystal Zelfs were released by Character Options. I believe there are 6 in total to collect of the Crystal series as well as the other series 5 Zelfs. These Crystal Zelfs differ a little to the other ones in series 5 as they all have a magic crystal on their bodies and different magical accessories.  

They seem to be the same size as the others and just as cute so I am thinking as they are all part of series 5 that they are quite a special collection. 

This one which we have is known as So-Anne. She is pretty multicoloured and bright with the usual funky Zelf hairstyle and she comes with her own little throne which she seems to sit quite proudly on.  

The Zelfs don’t really do much alone and are aimed more towards girls than boys. Girls will enjoy brushing their hair and will also no doubt what the Zelf accessories and many sets which can be purchased to use with Zelfs such as this one. They are very collectable too just like the retro trolls which they resemble and I can imagine girls across the country trading and swapping Zelfs with one another. Roll on Zelfs series 6! I have lost count of how many Zelfs my girls now own.

These crystal Zelfs come at Β£7.99 each. 

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