Fun with Peppa Pig 

Peppa pig is never far away in our house. Izebella is a huge fan and it’s constantly on the telly during the day, even tho it’s constant repeats. Izebella also has a links collection of cuddly Peppas and a fair few other toys with the loveable character. Well now she has some more toys to add to the growing Peppa pig collection thanks to Character Online

The first toy is the Princess Plush Rose Peppa pig.  

Now this does look just like most other regular cuddly Peppas but it has a unique twist. If you look at Peppas hands there are what appears to be 2 metal buttons or even magnets. Now press one of Peppas hands and nothing happens, But!! hold both of Peppas hands together and she sings ring a ring a roses.  

So now Bella holds both her hands and happily spins around and dances with her new pretty Peppa.

But!! the fun doesn’t end there. If I hold one of Peppas hands and Izebella holds the other, nothing happens. However if, whilst holding Peppa, I touch Izebella anywhere or she touches me then Peppa plays again as if by magic. It’s like a magnetic current through us both and Izebella is fascinated by it.  

Here’s a short video of Izebella showing off her new friend.  

This new cuddly fun Peppa comes dressed in a pretty pink dress ready to dance. It costs £19.99 and suitable for little ones aged 18 months and over.

On to the next toy, also from Character Options. This one is the Weebles pull along train.   

It needs no batteries and consists of a pull along train with train front and 2 carriages plus one Peppa pig weeble which is a little like those awful scary egg things I had as a child with scary faces that could not be pushed over, only this one is Pepppa pig so not scary at all.  

The carriages fit together with strong hooks and the last carriage has a hook at the back too so I am assuming there is scope to purchase extra carriages. Extra weebles can be purchased which fit snuggly in the carriage spaces. Izebella has some animal weebles, previously sent to her from the “Weebledown farm” collection and these also fit with this toy. 

It’s a simple push along train, easy to assemble and use. I do think it could do with a few more carriages being supplied with it tho as it does cost £17.99. Again it’s suitable for those ages 18 months and over and Izebella seems pretty happy with it. I’m just not sure I would pay that amount for a toy such as this.  

Well both toys certainly brightened up my little Princesses day. I stil had to put Peppa on telly once again for her tho. 



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