Smart Eggs

No this post has nothing to do with breakfast or even food, in case you was feeling hungry! Smart eggs are in fact puzzles for kids, or even adults if they fancy a go!

I have always had a strange sort of fascination with puzzles and I don’t mean jigsaws, which are okay too but fiddly and time consuming. I really love puzzles tho and things such as the “Isis” really fascinate me. My kids enjoy them too and were rather happy to see their new “Smart Egg” puzzles, 

The puzzles are egg shaped and come with what resembles a little drum beater with double ball shaped ends.  

There are 6 different puzzles to collect. All different colours and a different sort of maze. The colours are really effective and prior to removing the puzzles from the box, I did think they were made of metal, probably down to the very bold metallic colour. They are made with a strong tough plastic material of some sort but would look good on a display unit.

The way to solve these puzzles is to insert the stick via the top hole, wiggle it around until the reverse end is in another hole and then move the stick around the paths of the maze and eventually removing the stick via the bottom end of the egg. It can be a little tricky as the stick gets stuck a lot and you can end up going up and down the same paths over and over. 

The eggs come with varying levels of difficulty and age guide from 6 years for the easier levels. The 2 puzzle eggs which we have both say from 8 years. I managed to solve the blue & gold egg (as pictured) in about 5 minutes. The other one proved more difficult. Ryan has still yet to solve it as has Jordanna. However, my teeny tot Izebella, being just 2 years old also wanted a go and surprisingly solved the egg labyrinth in about 2 minutes and now has me thinking – how the hell did she do that!! ? Genius in the making.  

The eggs certainly get their brains ticking and gets them focusing on something other than tablets and laptops and of course they are very decorative too. I think they should make adult versions of these, perhaps bigger and more complicated. It would certainly pass an hour or two for me.

Smart eggs are sold by  Esdevium Games. Look out for them in toy stores soon for just Β£5.99 (RRP) each. I imagine they will be popular stocking fillers this Christmas.

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  1. July 21, 2015 / 14:02

    I haven’t seen these before….They look really interesting! I like things like this x

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