Tiger Tiger guilt free noodles 

I have been doing a fair bit of snacking recently, rather than having big meals. One of those snacks includes the new Tiger Tiger rice noodles.  

They come in 3 rather tempting oriental flavours and are thick “Japanese style” noodles rather than the thin stringy ones usually found in noodle pots. The flavours are sweet & sour, Pad Thai and Thai sweet Chili. 

They are really easy to make. Just add both included satchets to the dry noodles then hot boiled water, stir, leave and eat.  



They take about 5 minutes in all to make and the best thing about them is that they contain less than 200 calories and less than 1 percent fat making them the perfect lunch for slimmers.

They taste quite alright too. The first mouthful is a little watery until the flavours kick in and then they all seem to have a bit of a spicy kick to them. I’m not really usually one for noodle snacks but am glad to have had a chance to try these.

The Tiger Tiger website is  here with lots more info on the snacks.


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