With a name like Monchhichi you would be correct to assume it can only originate from one place and of course that’s Japan. The original character was born back in 1974 and is now available in 40 countries including the UK.

Monchhichi is a human like monkey doll with a rather strange appearance but quite cute and friendly all the same. They come dressed as both boys and girls in various outfits and also cone in many size options too. They start at 10cm keyring doll size and go right the way up to the huge 80cm size which really is on the big size and also comes at £200.

Anyway we received one keyring doll and 2 of the 20cm monkey dolls.  

The keyrings are pretty inexpensive costing approximately £8.50 and the 20cm dolls starting from £18, the price depends on the outfit they wear or lack of one.
The dolls make collectable cutsies but that’s all they really are. No batteries, no yapping or crying or freaky movements, just a cute strange looking friend to dress and cuddle.

Izebella was home first when the Monchhichis arrived and fell in love with the pink one. It’s been a good little friend to her these passed few weeks, sharing her bed and even her potty as you can see in the pictures.

Izebella also enjoys removing the dolls clothes, same with all her dolls at the moment and I have already had to wash the clothes as she took the doll outside in the rain with her. 

I am sure there will be many more Monchhichi adventures this Summer.

Bandai was appointed the UK Monchhichi distributor and launched its new collection in April this year.

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