Izebellas new Cloudbabies

Izebella never seems short of friends these days, both the real type and the sort you can cuddle and play with. Her most recent little pals are her New Cloudbabies.


Cloudbabies toys are based on the characters from the CBeebies series with the same name. I do recall watching it a few times and Izebella knows what it is (obviously). She did also receive a toy from the Cloudbabies range a few months back and this was a slightly larger version of the new recent ones.

She has both Baba Blue and Baba pink blankie. Baba Blue is the smaller one which seems to resemble a baby boy, he has a soft body and hard head.Pink Blankie is a little bigger at 8 inches and being pink is obviously a little more girly (no doubt I’ll get some backlash for saying that) and she’s in a dress. She is soft bodied and a soft head and comes with a little pink blanket attached.  


They are rather strange looking things in my opinion. Rather like a cross between a cabbage patch doll and some sort of Christmas elf teddy but still cute and cuddly in their own strange way. They both bear mystical symbols too such as stars, moon and rainbows. 

Apart from being good friends to cuddle, they don’t do much else, but being from a popular TV series certainly makes them appealing to young toddlers such as Izebella. 

Yes she loves them but unfortunately Baba Pinks blankie did not stay attached for long. Izebella pulled it off within seconds. I’m not too sure if that’s the idea or if it’s meant to stay on the doll but it comes off so easily. 

There isn’t a whole lot else to say about these so to some them up they are strange little loveable popular cuddlys, yet more friends to add to Izebellas ever growing collection of bedtime friends.

Baba Blue also comes as Baba pink, green and yellow and costs £6.99. Baba Blankie comes in blue too and costs £9.99. Buy directly from the CloudBabies store.  

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