An extra special Book of Nursery Rhymes

As a small child I loved my nursery rhyme books. I do remember having a few of them and would love for one of my parents to read them to me. 

Ryan and Jordanna have also had their fair share of books filled with various nursery rhymes and a few weeks ago, Izebella also got her own nursery rhyme book. However this was no every day normal nursery rhyme book, this book is extra special. Can you spot why?  

Yes it’s personalised with Izebellas full name on the front cover. Not only that, but turn the pages of this very special book to reveal some very well known classic rhymes and spot her name on many of the pages, carefully hidden amongst the many images.  

The nursery rhymes are mostly ones I am familiar with from my own childhood nursery rhyme books such as Humpty Dumpty, Incy wincy spider, Twinkle little star and Rock a bye baby to name a few. It does make me wonder if any new nursery rhymes have ever been introduced to the world since I was born. 

The book is hardback and the challenge for the child in the book is to spot their own name on the pages. Izebella is a little young yet but still manages to point it out now and again.  

This beautiful book was kindly personalised and sent to Izebella by Personalised Gift Solutions who sell all sorts of other quirky personalised gifts for both adults and children and for the home. They have a fair choice of other personalised kids books too like this one but with various stories and characters. This particular book costs ยฃ19.95 and is sure to make a lovely keepsake gift for many years to come. It comes with a choice of cover too and if you want to buy this book then head over to this page.


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