Impifry Photobook

mprify Photobooks is an application for iOS and Android that 

lets you create photo albums right from your phone in less than 5 

minutes. The user can customize the pictures with comments and 

dedications, share the photo book for free on the Internet, and, if they

 wish, buy it or send it as a gift in any part of the world and receive 

it in just three days.


Like many mobile phone users I have well over a thousand photographs just sat there on my iPhone. Yes they are all backed up on many other upload apps and of course iCloud, but if technology was to somehow crash (unlikely) then everything would be gone. Also as they are on my devices it does mean not everyone can see them unless I choose to let them and I do think it’s nice to have some photographs displayed around the home.

Impifry got in touch and asked if I would like one of their photo books. I was given a full discount code and all I needed to do was download the app which in my case is from the Apple App Store.

I have made several photobooks previously and have to say that this is one of the easiest ones so far. I was given a choice to upload photos from various sources, including camera roll, Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox. 

A standard photo book costing approximately Β£19.90 holds 22 photographs with one per page and extra photographs can be added for a small charge.

The upload of photographs was a very easy and quick process. It’s very much a case of selecting the knew you want and hitting the button and they were uploaded within a minute.

The book arrived really quickly, within 2 days. It came gift boxed but was a little smaller than I was expecting. 

The front cover can be changed and a title can also be added. 

The photographs turned out quite clear and bright and look really good in the book. 

Lovely gifts!!

Visit Impifry for more information.


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  1. June 23, 2015 / 11:51

    We made one of these for my fella for fathers day and he loves it….They really are worth the money x

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