Our Father’s Day bacon butty with the help of Roberts Bakery

Its Father’s Day once again this Sunday with special dads around the country being awoken with gifts and a nice cooked breakfast. 

Roberts Bakery recently got in touch to ask if I would like to create a perfect bacon butty as part of their Father’s Day campaign. All the blogger creations will be appearing on their Facebook page along with their own “bacon butty guide”
To help me out with my creation I was sent over a large breakfast tray, Roberts bakery loaf, teabags and a shopping card to get some breakfast goodies.  

 Now I had a feeling my creation may be a little messy so mine is made with toast (otherwise it would be a little sloppy.

Here is what went into my Father’s Day creation.

β€’ 2 slices of Robertd bakery bread (toasted)

β€’ 3 slices of bacon

β€’ 1 egg, fried

β€’ 2 cherry tomatoes (halved)

β€’ half tin of beans 

β€’ BBQ sauce
And here is the creation is pictures from start to finish, including the posh brew too,


Now I did encounter a slight problem with my rather large butty and that is that i don’t really speak to my dad, nor do I have a partner. So!! Who could I get to try this beast?? 

Well no one was around so it turned out I had to have it instead rather than it going to waste. 

It tasted damn good too but looks like I’ll have to get myself to the gym now I’ve eaten a man size breakfast. 

What a shame there is no man in my life to make this for, and no Ryan wouldn’t touch it, way too fussy!
Happy Father’s Day for Sunday to all the dads out there!!


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