Heinz less sugar Beanz

If you saw my Father’s Day post this morning then you may very well have spotted some beans. These beans came from Heinz and are the brand new Less Sugar Beanz!


There isn’t a whole lot to say about beans really so here are some facts instead. 

• New Heinz 50% Less Sugar Beanz contains 50% less sugar and 25% less salt than standard Heinz Beanz, with no artificial sweeteners 

• Nutritionist, Amanda Hamilton is recommending them as a must-have staple for family meal times
Heinz knows and understands that parents have never been busier and that growing concerns around serving the family a nutritionally balanced diet only adds to the pressures on parents. Heinz 50% Less Sugar Beanz is the perfect solution for convenient, quick and easy meals that the kids will love. Not only do they have 50% less sugar and 25% less salt than standard Heinz Beanz, they are also naturally high in protein and fibre while being low in fat and one of your kids’ five a day. They’re a family favourite and a meal time win, win when things are just a little bit too hectic.

“Budget friendly, high in fibre and protein and naturally low in fat, beans are the ultimate versatile ingredient for child-friendly meals. Heinz 50% Less Sugar Beanz are yummy simply served on toast and you can easily add an egg to make a guilt-free cooked breakfast, perfect to kick-start any busy and active little one’s day. I’ve not met a child yet who isn’t delighted to be served up baked beans with fish fingers, add a side serving of vegetable sticks and you’ve got a couple of the 5-a-day ticked off too.”

Heinz 50% Less Sugar Beanz are available nationwide priced from 59p for a 200g can to £2.69 for a pack of four 415g cans. For more information on Heinz 50% Less Sugar Beanz, please visit http://www.heinz.co.uk/Products/Beans/Ranges/Healthy-Beans/Heinz-Less-Sugar-Beanz. 

We could not taste any difference between this lower sugar variety and the regular version. Same great taste and great brand.  

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