Summer Bronzing with The Body Shop

Summer is here and it’s time to look like a bronzed goddess. Once again for the second year running, I am having lots of fun trying out all sorts of tanning products which hopefully will give me that much sought after golden glow. If not then I’ll end up a streaky mess instead.

Today’s lovely products come from The Body Shop which is a brand most of us are very familiar with. 

I am trying out two products which both assist the “fake tan” process. First  from the brand new Body shop Vitamin C range is the Vitamin C glow boosting moisturiser.  

For years I wondered why my fake tan always seemed to go patchy. I always exfoliated but forgot one vital thing and that’s to apply moisturiser before tanning and regularly apply after tanning. It seems to keep the tan even and longer lasting. 

This moisturiser is of course packed full of vitamin C and made to give a glow boost. I apply before my tan to enhance it.  

It has a lovely invigorating aroma, very fruity. It’s quite lightweight as far as moisturisers go but absorbs into the skin quickly and dries fast. 

Once applied it’s time to apply the second product which is the Tinted leg mist.  

This tanning product is oil and shimmer free to give a natural looking even, streak free tan. It sprays on and then needs a little rubbing in with a mitt. It’s pretty instant.  

My legs were evenly tan ex using this and I did find that it doesn’t rub off onto clothes or bed sheets either, even when sweating.

This leg tanner is Β£15.00 and the Vitamin C moisturiser is Β£16.00. Not too bad a price to pay for bronzed looking summer legs. The tan lasts a fairly long time when using the moisturiser too.  


For more information and to order these products online, visit The Body Shop UK.

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