St Tropez Gradual Shower Tan

Would you believe that you can get an even all over tan from a product you apply and wash off in the shower?? I was a little miffed at first when I heard about the latest tannjng innovation from leading self tan brand St Tropez. I thought how could it possibly work if applied and washed off!, but: being a self tan junkie, I was really eager to try it out. Add to that, it is also Summer and my birthday a week today, meaning lots of nights out needing to look like a bronzes goddess. 

So this is what the bottle looks like.  

The stuff itself is like a thick cream with a slightly yellow tinge. Nice enough scent with sweet almond oil being one of the ingredients. 

Application is done in the shower, shower first as usual, apply all over, wait 3 minutes and then rinse off and dry. 

It’s a gradual tan product which means it does require a few applications to get an all over glow. After the first application I could see a slight colour change but it was also a little patchy in places tho this is probably down to it being my first time using it and maybe doing something wrong. I applied it daily prior to a night out at weekend and did 3 applications in total as well as sitting outside a lot and catching some real sun rays and here is the result.  

Bronzed and ready to party. I think the product was helped by the natural sun or maybe the other way around but I’m happy with the result.

The product contains 100% natural tanning ingredients and does not stain tiles or the shower, nor does it stain bedding or clothing. It can make the shower floor a little slippy so obviously take care not to slip.  

This product is available in Boots, Superdrug and from the St Tropez website for under £14.50

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