Proving that girls like science too

Trends UK are working on a campaign to highlight science is not just for boys, but girls can love it too. There is a lot of coverage in the media saying girls have less interest in science and don't choose it as a career. However, they believe girls will be just as interested in science projects as boys are, if they are given the choice to try them out.

The sets we received are

Microscope set Β£19.99

Metal detector Β£24.99

Bug barn Β£14.99

Planetarium Β£24.99

When Ryan and Jordanna saw the kits, it was Ryan initially thar showed more interest, which is probably to be expected, given that he is a boy, a few years older and already a bit of a science geek, he loves it. Jordanna did show quite a bit of interest too and was very eager to start using all the kits. Izebella is obviously too young for anything like these and shows interest in absolutely anything she sees.

Metal Detector – the first thing out of the box was the metal detector. Ryan had a similar one a few years back, god knows what happened to it, so he was all too familiar with using one. It needs one of those big square D batteries and is simple enough to use. It has a sensitivity conte and if turned up too high it picks up anything metal in range, too low and it's hard to pick up anything. It's really lightweight too but perhaps could do with a slightly longer handle. Ryan was first to use, followed by a happy Jordanna and ebb Izebella got a go too.

Bug Barn – This was a very easy piece of kit because it needs no batteries. What it does need is bugs, any bugs which can be found in the garden. I knew Ryan would love this but was unsure what Jordanna would think as many girls can get a little squeamish at the thought of insects.

This set comes with the Bug barn, jar, tweezers, stickers etc. the idea is to collect bugs and view them in detail in the bug barn. So on a hot sunny day, they all went off bug collecting and managed to find a few ladybirds and other bugs.

As you can see, both girls more than happy to join in the science fun.

Planetarium – We had a few fights over this one, mainly who would get to have it in their rooms first.

It's pretty much a scientific light show. The globe projects constellations onto the ceiling to show children how the stars move across the night sky. Listen to a commentary about the planets (not part of the light show). Use the light pointer to locate and highlight stars. Includes an amazing CD-ROM, with which you can trace stars, planets and constellations and discover where to find them in the sky at any given time. Read about planets, constellations and the legends behind the zodiac signs in the colourful manual.

It does need 6 AA batteries so not the cheapest toy to keep running and I also found the battery cover tricky to remove.

This is obviously best at night with lights off. The lightshow displays on the walls and ceiling.

We managed t get a short video of this in action too.


Microscope – Jordanna was quite excited with this. She tells me they have them in school. It comes with pre filled slides of various small parts and slides and jars to collect own samples as well as the equipment required. It does need batteries but only for when light is low or it's night time.

Jordanna has enjoyed using all the science sets just as much as Ryan, which sort of proves that science is not just for boys but can be enjoyed just as much by girls too.




  1. June 4, 2015 / 12:36

    These are great sets….We tried out the Microscope and the Bug barn and my girls loved them .

  2. June 9, 2015 / 17:07

    These are fab! I know my little girl would love all of them, she already has a bug thing & a microscope πŸ™‚

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