Summer feet at Shoe Zone

You may remember our Winter boots post for Shoe Zone last year, we all tried out some rather fashionable inexpensive yet comfortable winter footwear and now it’s time for Summer.

 Shoe Zone can of course be found in the majority of town centres and also have an online website for ordering. They provide affordable fashionable footwear for all the family.

I was able to choose 2 pairs of shoes and as Jordanna has recently jumped up a size to a one, I chose one pair for her and a pair for myself.

These are the Walkright Velcro wedge with flower. They cost just Β£9.99 meaning change from a tenner and can pretty much be worn for any occasion. Being black makes them perfect for going back to school in after the May holidays and Jordanna is in need of more school shoes. They are also quite pretty with the eye catching silver flower so they would be fine for a party or formal occasion too. Then the price of them also makes them fine for every day wear as well.  

Jordanna said they did rub the side of her foot slightly for the first day of wearing them but has now been wearing them over a week and not complained since.  

There’s not much else to really say about these shoes. They are certainly worth the ten pounds.

For myself I chose these!  

These are the Softies wedge comfort sandals in pink and cost Β£16.99. Obviously very Summery and I chose these because the majority of my Summer shoes have heels or are not so comfy like these claimed to be. 

It’s almost like walking on air, I never expected a pair of sandals costing under Β£20 to be so comfortable. I have shoes costing four times the amount which leave my feet feeling like they have been ripped to shreds but these are just lovely.

They are really soft on the foot base and have soft elasticated straps which sit comfortably on the foot rather than digging in. No zips either they just slip on and off. 

The colour is meant to be pink but to me they look more of a beige or skin tone colour so again go with anything but I think they look pretty with a nice dress.     

 Just a shame the sun isn’t how much recently. 

Both of the above pairs of shoes can be ordered online at ShoeZone.




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