Lost my Name

Lost My Name are magical books for boys and girls in which they are the main star, only the little boys and girls have lost their names and so go on a magical adventure to find it.

The books come in 2 colours for both boys and girls. The book titles are either “The Little girl Who” or “The Little boy who” lost his (or) her name. 

I chose to make the book for Izebella as I am trying to get her learning the odd few letters and was hoping this may help a little. She also loves books and especially so any that have her name in.  

The book making process is very straightforward. You just choose the sex of the child and input their name. 

The front of the book comes with a lovely personalise greeting and the book is illustrated throughout with illustrations by Pedro Serapicos.

Along the journey, The little girl who lost her name encounters all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures which include a big giant with pink hair, a strange looking zebra, and even an Aardvark. 

Along the journey the little girl is given letters from the strange friends she meets along the way. Once she gets to the end of the journey and the child reader reaches the end of the book, the full name with all the collected letters is then revealed in big bold letters.  

It’s a very cute adorable little book and Izebella loves hearing and seeing her name in her new book. She is now convinced that the girl in the book is actually her.

The books cost Β£18.99 each and certainly make a very lovely and personal gift to keep and treasure for always. A perfect bedtime story too.

The one thing I would like to suggest for these books is to perhaps offer a colour choice of front cover as many parents seem to get a little offended by blue being for boys and pink/purple being for girls. It’s not something that particularly bothers or concerns me as pink and purple are both my girls favourite colours anyway but perhaps more colour choice could be an added option. Apart from that the book is lovely. 

Buy directly from Lost My Name with the optional addition of gift wrapping too if required for Β£2.50.


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