Seranders Travel Journal

 I am quite lucky to have visited 3 continents. I still have vivid memories of the places I visited along with lots of photographs and videos. One thing that would of also come in useful for my travel memories is something such as this. A beautiful travel journal for recording all sorts of travel memories.  

This “My Holidays” journal is one for the kids. A lovely gift for any child to record memories. 

This journal comes from a company called Seranders who also supply a selection of wedding invitations and cards.

The travel journal is hard backed and wrapped with a ribbon. The first few pages start with some useful travel information such as health tips, safety advice, capital cities and a world map. There are pages to write useful interactive everyday phrases in several languages. 

There are 10 sections to record memories for 10 trips.  

Each trip section has 12 memory pages. The pages allow the user to record details which include – country visited, travel method, new friends, places of interest, languages and more. Then pages to stick photographs and other memories such as entry tickets, leaflets etc. 

The back of the book gives space for personal information and notes and then the large handy envelope got keeping more memories.  

Ryan loves his stationary and books and hopefully we will have a holiday soon so that he can use the journal. 

There are many other lovely journals to choose from. See more at Seranders. The journals cost Β£12.75 each.


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