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Meadow Kids supply toys  and books for the ‘Preschool’ and ‘Key stage 1’ age groups: 2-4 and 4-8 years. They also sell many types of craft and activity kits. All the products are both designed in the UK and designed to enhance family interaction.

We have previously worked with Meadow kids reviewing various produce and a search on my site will no doubt bring those older reviews up. Meadow Kids got back in touch recently and asked if we would like a few more products to test out. As the age ranges fall between 2-8 years it is of course my 2 lovely little girls who got the honour this time. 

Fashion Designer  

Jordanna has this mini fashion designer kit which in many ways resemble an updated version of the pull out dolls books that i used to love. It comes as a little case with pull out drawers. One drawer containing the books and the other all the pens.  

There are dolls with various outfits which can be coloured in or have stickers on. It comes with both felt pens and glue pens and would make a nice little party gift.  

Bath Stickers   

Izebella has these bag stickers which come in a reusable bag. I was a little confused at first as to what they were or did. There are two ways to use them, they float around in the bath and can also be stuck to the sides of the bath using just water.  

These are the Secret Garden stickers but there are many other bath sticker selections to pick from. I think little Izzy was quite happy with them.  

Both of these cute little products and a whole lot more can be found over at the Meadow Kids website.



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