My secret diary and activity book

 Jordanna has been sent this cute little book from the guys at Interplay. The book doubles up as both a diary and a book filled with fun activities. 

From the outset you can see it’s really girly with pink covers and lots of pink and girly icons. It’s one of those books that every girl sees and wants.

Being a secret diary means it does of course come with a lock and also 2 keys. The lock is really small and a bit fiddly for big mummy hands but fine for Jordanna.  

At the front of the diary are lots of stickers to place wherever Jordanna wishes. There are many pages in this book including a full yearly calendar with a page for each month (Jan-Dec). As well as the calendar there are also many activities to complete including pages to write personal information, quizzes, colouring, fashion and lots of space for doodles.  


The pages are really beautiful too, all pink and covered in pretty images of little girls and cute animals and flowers. 

Jordanna is very happy with her new “Secret diary” tho she tends to keep it unlocked most of the time, so therefore probably not so secret after all.  

She fills out most of it at night and takes it to bed with her. She loves the colour pink too so her and this book are like a perfect match.

This diary costs Β£7.99 from Interplay. There is not really anything negative to say about it and I think the price is reasonable for a product such as this. It is the sort of thing which I would happily but as a small birthday gift or a Christmas stocking filler.

The contents of this diary/activity book are:

1 x Printed 2 ring binder 
1 x Padlock 
1 x Zip closure wallet 
2 x Sticker Sheets 
Set of Page Dividers 
80 x Printed Pages 
Printed Sleeve



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