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The Green Elephant Trading Limited website was established  in early 2014, they are an import and distribution company specialising in unique, high quality toys and gifts.

New to the range is a cute collection of utensils and accessories for meal times called Eat 4 Fun. Part of this fun range includes the Duos Utensil sets.  

These fun sets seemed well designed for older toddlers and younger children who are able to sit at a table and eat by themselves. For the younger toddler/older baby there is also a Roly Poly set.  

The Duos utensil sets come with a fork and spoon. There are 8 Loveable characters to choose from and Izebella has the Fairy Princess set. Both the spoon and fork come with their own little holders meaning the cutlery can be stood up at the table.  


The big chunky character handles makes them easy to use and grip with tiny hands and the fun characters actually make Izebella want to show off and eat her food just to show everyone that she has them. She was ill for a few days and kept refusing breakfast. Giving her this new spoon encouraged her to finally eat.   

Another fun product from Green Elephant Trading is this stuff.  

It’s the Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty. Now I was a bit worried when I heard this stuff would be coming. I had visions of slime and gloop stuck to my carpet and furniture and the revolting stench of joke shop slime or even plasticine is not a nice thought. “BUT!..” This stuff is very different. 

It comes in various varieties, all of which do something a little different. Unlike slime it isn’t slimy nor gloopy and it doesn’t smell at all. 

The Heat sensitive hypercolour putty is thermochromic — just a touch from your hands or a warm coffee mug will reveal a new “hot” colour. Allow it to cool off or stick it in the fridge! Then the “cool” colour will be restored. You can even do tricks with Hypercolour Thinking Putty! 


In the tin it appears quite hard and needs to be taken out, rolled, warmed up, stretched and played with. Once it gets a little heat, it starts to change colour.

Ryan has a large tin of Phantom putty. This comes in 2 unique colours and includes a black light keychain. 

This stuff glows in the dark and is UV reactive using the black light. The black light even doubles up as a pen to write on the putty which then magically appears in a unique second colour which eventually fades right before the eyes. This too can be stretched, pulled apart or anything else.  

Well the putty seems to have kept them all amused on a wet windy horrible day of the Easter holidays. Even Izebella had a play with it too and without putting it in her mouth or anywhere else that it does not belong. Of course a post of mine just would not be the same without a good test out by myself, so that’s how I have been entertaining myself when bored – by moulding putty. Ok not exactly but it’s not bad stuff considering I was worried about it being slimy and smelly. The putty is good for stress relief too. Once soft it feels very similar to the old retro stress balls.

A full list of Green Elephant trading stockists can be found Here.




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