Easter crafts and treats at Asda

If the school holidays are already getting you down and everything seems to be costing the Earth, then perhaps take a trip down to your local Asda store where a whole load of pocket money Easter crafts and treats await you. 

This week started off horrendously with howling gale force winds and hammering rain. At one point I thought my window was going to go through it was so loud. This lasted days and of course meant no playing out for my kids. Well luckily Asda had already sent us over a few Easter bits to keep us from constant boredom.

In our pack – Easter bonnets, Bunny ears, Easter egg bags, mask making kit, Easter bonnet kit and an Egg decorating kit.  

Izebella looks incredibly cute in her little bunny ears. Whilst Jordanna made her own special Easter bonnet using the kit. This is really easy to make. The instructions suggest using glue which didn’t work so well so I used sellotape instead and it went together fine.  


Ryan made the “Decorate your own egg” kit. He had eaten the majority of it before I managed to get a photo of it – greedy get! The kit comes with a chocolate egg, icing and edible decorations.  

The masks are easy to make too. They are already pre made and just need the elastic tieing on. The cute little bags are really good for egg hunts.  

And inbetween crafts – some Easter snacks. Bunny shaped crumpets and the very traditional hot cross buns.  

Lots of Easter holiday fun, even without the sun!  


The crafting kits start from just £2.00. The bunny ears, bonnets and Easter bags are just £1.00 each. The egg decorating kit is just £4.00. 

All available at Asda stores.  


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