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Metcalfe’s skinny is on a mission to rustle up healthier alternatives to crisps, cakes and cookies. A growing range of delicious and light healthy snacks made with top quality ingredients and limitless love and care.

I am always saying I need to eat more healthily but it’s often hard with all the tasty treats about. Metcalfes products contain less fat and less calories but taste just as good as many alternatives. When I heard Metcalfe’s skinny were sending me out some products, I was perhaps expecting a packet of popcorn or something small but instead a huge box packed full of lovely products arrived at my door.  

This box contained a mixture of all the goodies which Metcalf’s skinny sell. Their top selling product is probably the Topcorn which is of course a lower calorie popcorn. I received a fair few mixed flavours of the Topcorn to try which is already starting to come in handy now the Easter holidays have begun.  


White cheese, Sweet & Salt, Sweet Cinammon, & Wasabi glaze are the lovely flavours I have been sampling. The bags come in different sizes too both single size and sharing size. The calories seem to vary for each flavour but usually between 108-118 per 25g bag. 

These are Corners and come in 3 varieties.  

I was unsure if I’d like these as from the outset they look like tortillas which I’m not usually a fan of (they remind me of cardboard). These “Corners” crisps do look like tortillas but taste totally different with the texture more like a baked crisp. They contain 30% less than the average tortilla crisp too.  

And now for some Chocolate!!  

First these “skinny” corncakes which come in chocolate varieties and 2 non chocolate flavours. They are a light snack consisting of mini disc shape bites and in my case, smothered in delicious chocolate.  

For a more bigger bite there is also a selection of “skinny” rice cakes of which I have 3 packs. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate and yoghurt.  

The yoghurt tasted very much like white chocolate and these are a very enjoyable sweet healthier snack. 

Metcalfe’s skinny snacks can be purchased from all of these retailers.



And more information on the snacks can be found on their website here





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