Degustabox: March reveal + discount code!

I am always full of anticipation towards the end of each month. I wait for an email with a date and then a knock at the door. And then there it is, I open the box slowely with no clue as to what may be inside, I peel back the carefully wrapped packaging and remove the bubble wrap and then I see it and squeal with glee!

It’s my monthly Degustabox!  

I’m still shocked that all these goodies can be sent and delivered for just a tiny cost of Β£12.99.

This months box contained a real Easter treat which of course has gone down very well with my kids – 2 full size packets of Lindor Mini Eggs (Β£2.00 each). These delicious chocolate eggs come in 3 varieties too, dark, milk and white chocolate meaning each bite is different.  

There were a fair few sweet treats in this box such as the full packets of Bassetts Jelly Babies (Β£1.48) & Maynards Sour Patch (Β£1.00) sweets.  This box also included a few drinks both non alcoholic Juiceburst x 2 (Β£1.25 each) and alcoholic varieties of Crabbies fruits x 2 (Β£1.50 each)

Izebella and Jordanna enjoy their cereal and we’re getting fed up with the usual ones we have in the cupboard, so they were quite happy to find a large bag of Jordan’s granola (Β£3.69) amongst the treats.

I do love meal kits and things that make cooking nice meals easier so the “Posh Noodles” from Kents Kitchen (Β£1.75) will no doubt come in useful for a quick lunch. It’s just a case of adding water to them. 

We are all quite big on sauce and especially Barbeque. I had never heard of BBQUE sauce (Β£3.99). It comes in unique flavours such as grill & beechwood, chilli and horseradish. And in a big chunky bottle. 

There were also 2 packets of “Baked bread bites” from Brioche Pasquier (2x 50p). I’m more used to cakes and bread from this company but these are nice too, like little flavoured croutons.

The final product is from Natvia (Β£2.00) and is a natural sweetener. Inside the box are individual satchets. It has zero calories and a great substitute to a spoon of sugar in the brew. I usually have 2 sugars but tried my tea with just one satchet and It still tastes like 2 sugars were in.

The March box contained a huge 13 products for just Β£12.99 which includes delivery. Definitely cannot grumble about that. Absolute bargain each and every month.

If you haven’t already then you can sign up for one at Degustabox UK

Get Β£3.00 off your box using code QTV0P at checkout!

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